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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday I was trying to load a video up on youtube, after not succeding, I decided to do a little video surfing.

I'm not sure how I found her, but I ran across a woman on a pole. Not THAT unusual eh? Well, she was different.

She was beautiful...
She was confindent...
She was graceful...
She was sexy.

She was also a larger woman.

Now I hear this sentence ALL them time "I can't do what you do Summer because I'm not skinny like you".

Uh Uh, no way, no more. I won't listen to that excuse. I have told many a woman that you don't have to be small, in fact, if you've got thighs, you have an advantage! You can stick better to the poles!

But still they don't believe me. They think I'm lying to them or something. I realize it's hard for a larger woman to believe what comes out of my scrawny mouth lol. But now, oh yes, I have PROOF. It CAN be done....IT IS BEING DONE!

I present to you minicoopergirl

So that settles it! Don't you ever tell me you're too big for pole! I won't let that excuse slide anymore!


1 comment:

  1. I know im a bit late running across this post. I am the wonderful minicoopergrl! Thanks so much for the kind words - they totally brigten my spirits!

    I hope ive inpsired your girls to keep poling!

    Save a tree, climb a POLE!


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